Hybrid thinking. According to Dev Patnaik, Professor of Design at Stanford University, it’s ultimately the ability to look beyond one’s own professional skills in order to see the bigger picture. The best solutions are found, claims Patnaik, when professionals of different qualifications, who share the capability of hybrid thinking, work together.

Thus, he describes one of the core competencies of digital strategists. For it is only through teamwork with concept developers, designers and programmers, that digital concepts are forged. And only by understanding all the disciplines involved in the work process, planners are able to derive the right strategic ideas and concepts.

Patnaik’s observation offers good reasons to have a closer look at Marco Spies’ book Branded Interactions.

The UX Designer & CEO of agency Think Moto describes and illustrates the extensive process of branded interaction design in an easy understandable and clear manner, by combining principles of brand strategy and design for interactive media.

Starting with a description of research methods that serve for a better understanding of business, brand and user (“Discover”), the author continues to depict strategic models for ideation (“Define”). He then leads through the design process (“Design”) and gives support in the development of styleguides and templates (“Deliver”). Finally, Marco Spies shows what to consider in the implementation and rollout process (“Distribute”). It remains to mention that each chapter is enriched with comprehensible best practice examples.

I would also like to refer to the well-made website of the book:

Besides watch this video:


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