• Analysis

    Shaping the future of digital business by defining required levels of change regarding performance, organisation and competencies.

  • Trainings

    Strengthening sector performance and expertise via topic-centered digital innovation and marketing training-modules.

  • Programs

    Tailored education programs to meet envisioned business strategies of organisations in digital change processes.


To foster organizations that face digital changes, we develop criteria to identify the required improvements, review key competence gaps and prioritize necessary educational enhancements according to business objectives.


  • To survey and specify the company’s digital performance range
  • To clearly determine which knowledge, skills and structures are required to achieve the organization’s digital vision
  • To sharpen the approach of integrating digital knowledge within the organization
  • To create an outline for future investments in digital education


  • Defined and aligned digital business vision and integrated business activities
  • Profound understanding of the digital status quo regarding strengths and needs
  • Prioritization of necessary process and knowledge enhancements


  • THE MAIN AnalysisDigital Vision and Values

    Analysis of digital business model, performance and core potentials.

  • THE MAIN AnalysisDigital Competence Analysis

    Analysis of required skill-sets and knowledge according to business vision.


Our training sessions strengthen sector performance by equipping executives and employees with effective skill-sets, ranging from digital change management, business modeling, integrated brand leadership to agile processing; just to name a few options.


  • Quick turnaround from assignment to delivery
  • Focused training sessions with various group sizes
  • Pragmatic and effective learning that can be directly applied in teams and workplaces


  • Quick turnaround from assignment to delivery
  • Focused training sessions with various group sizes
  • Pragmatic and effective learning that can be directly applied in teams and workplaces


  • THE MAIN TrainingsDigital Brand Management

    Digital brand leadership in converged media.

  • THE MAIN TrainingsIntegrated Marketing

    Consumer pathway oriented marketing and communication planning.

  • THE MAIN TrainingsSocial Media Marketing

    Consumer pathway oriented Social Media marketing, sales and services.

  • THE MAIN TrainingsChannel Planning

    Multi-channel campaign and communication planning.

  • THE MAIN TrainingsThe Creative Brief

    Integrated briefings to enhance goal-oriented creativity.

  • THE MAIN TrainingsKPIs and Scorecards

    Definition of objectives, goals and KPIs within digital scorecards.


Tailored programs are characterized by our strategic work with clients in the digital business and a hand in hand education. Programs are especially customized to meet an organization’s envisioned direction and business strategy. Designed to sustainably transform thinking and behavior, programs can vary in length, depth and group-sizes.


  • To bridge competence gaps as mergers & acquisition activities are conducted
  • To bring skill-sets of various organizations and units in line
  • To perform innovatively by improving digital business, increasing skill-levels and implementing smarter processes
  • To compensate recent changes in key leadership positions or teams
  • To strengthen overachievers or on-the-job teams in pragmatic trainings


  • Innovation power in digital business
  • Distinctive development of employees and executives
  • Organization-specific education
  • Individual alignment of knowledge and skills according to business objectives


  • THE MAIN Custom ProgramsPacemakers

    Custom executive program for digital business development and change leadership.

  • THE MAIN Custom ProgramsPlaygrounds

    Custom employee education program to enhance the organization's digitalization.

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