Digital Change – The new TV Ecosystem

Remember when you gathered to watch your favorite show on one device – the TV? Probably you do not any more or any longer.
On-demand programming is today’s TV reality, because it’s closer to the reality of many viewers. But Social TV is trying to re-create that old “living-room“-atmosphere and to enable increased interactivity around shared programming, both live and time-shifted.

The inclusion of social features is therefore not any longer a question of “if” or “if not”. We expanded beyond the standards of  “like” and “share” by adding hashtags in order to enrich the television experience. Creating a whole new “TV ecosystem.”

TV has long been a personal experience. At times, being shared in real time with another fellow couch potato in your den or the following morning with your colleagues, mates etc. However, unlike the early prognostications that viewers would interact with the TV screen through their set top box, the interaction is likely to take place through the ever present smartphone or tablet enabling the use of social media.

TV viewers are increasingly watching/streaming TV comfortably on their lap or in their hands. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook interactive TV became alive. Now TV is shared in real time with friends and strangers who share your passion for Breaking Bad or Football matches. And this changes everything. Turning tweets into another form of  rating-system for networks next to Nielsen, which only indicates if a show is popular, but not how and in which way engaging it is.

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Published by Natalija Klose

Visuals by Pipeline Communications and NBRY.

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