• Analysis

    Enabling fact-based decision-making through effective analytical processes.

  • Planning

    Efficient solutions to improve structure, performance and the value of investments in digital business and communication.

  • Implementation

    Turning around the rational momentum of strategy by implementing ideas successfully.


To constitute / foster organizations that face digital changes, we develop criteria to identify the required improvements, review key competence gaps and prioritize necessary educational enhancements according to business objectives.

Why consider?

  • To identify competitive digital brand and business advantages
  • To obtain consumer insights in quality and quantity
  • To prioritize marketing investments
  • To improve brand leadership and campaigning
  • To introduce new products on the international market
  • To enhance existing brands and products


  • Profound understanding of trends affecting relevant markets
  • Complexity transmitted comprehensibly
  • Fundament allowing fact-based decision-making
  • Independent validation of challenges and potentials
  • Clear definition of priorities


  • The Main AnalysisAnalysis of marketing-potentials

    Quick-win identification of key marketing potentials.

  • The Main AnalysisAnalysis of Social Media Potentials

    Quick-win identification of core Social Media potentials.

  • The Main AnalysisMarket Research

    Qualitative and quantitative market research.

  • The Main AnalysisConsumer Data and Market Insights

    Contextualization of data and deduction of strategic routes.


Efficient solutions and pragmatic strategies to improve structure, performance and the value of investments in digital business and communication.


  • To create digital visions for organizations, brands and products
  • To innovate digital business
  • To maximize digital profit
  • To amplify marketing solutions
  • To enhance digital ecosystems
  • To frame budget and operation plans
  • To facilitate measurement


  • Focused vision and strategic direction
  • Digital business innovation
  • Optimized marketing results
  • Prioritization of investments
  • Aligned action plans


  • The Main PlanningDigital Business Modeling

    Digital vision and innovation development to foster growth and gain.

  • The Main PlanningPlatform and Channel Strategy

    Digital ecosystem- and platform-concepts.

  • The Main PlanningIntegrated Marketing Planning

    Consumer pathway oriented marketing strategy.

  • The Main PlanningIntegrated Campaign Strategy

    International brand and product campaign planning.

  • The Main PlanningSocial Media Strategy

    Holistic channel and content planning for Social Media integration.


To bridge the challenging split between rational development and real-life execution, we conduct implementation processes from kick-off to maintenance. Aiming for provided activities meet requirements profitably and in time, we create governance and project infrastructures, develop dynamic processes, plan resources and design interdisciplinary monitoring and reporting mechanisms.


  • To establish successful corporate governance and process guidelines
  • To foster internal and external collaboration
  • To efficiently plan resources, skills and responsibilities
  • To enforce monitoring, reporting and optimization processes
  • To secure the achievement of strategic objectives


  • Independent guidance and quality control
  • Improved coordination of internal and external collaboration
  • Employee and team development
  • Strategies and tactics aligned with objectives


  • The Main SupervisionRoll Out Planning

    Set up of implementation processes.

  • The Main SupervisionEvaluation & Optimization

    Set up of evaluation metrics and optimization processes.

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