Illustrating the Customer Decision Journey: 3 Examples

One of our core analytical tools is the customer decision journey. It is so essential because its utilization is so diverse. For example, it helps us depict user behavior, identify relevant touchpoints, evaluate marketing activities, place different measures in context and pinpoint communication potentials (just to name a few, there are many more ways of using it).

But apart from all the advantages this model attributes, we quickly recognized that the consumer pathway is very abstract and for non-strategists difficult to grasp. So what we like to do is to illustrate the different phases with case studies. That way, the objective of each journey phase becomes clearer, and at the same time, the intention of the marketing measure in the case study also becomes visible, allowing an evaluation of the case study.

Placing case studies within the customer journey is what I would like to do by taking the automobile industry as an example. As we know the automobile industry is known for large advertising budgets and innovative measures. Here are three Social Media examples that strengthen different customer journey phases and thus, pursue different goals.




VW launched its awareness campaign “The Original Click” on YouTube based on one core user insight: YouTube users love to reproduce famous music videos, making it difficult for viewers to find the original music videos. By helping users find these original videos, VW was able to raise awareness for its original VW repair parts.




In 2012 Nissan launched the Innovation Garage, a platform on which everyone could share their idea of an every day life innovation. By engaging users, Nissan successfully entered the user’s every day life and wishes. That way, Nissan was able to establish an emotional bond between the user and Nissan’s brand value innovation.




Audi collaborated with MIT’s senseable City Lab to initiate the Road Frustration Index. The objective was to improve the product experience of its new Audi A6. By gathering information via social media, Audi developed a dashboard presenting real-time information on the state of American roads. That way, drivers were able to anticipate their journey and were given the opportunity to avoid too bumpy roads or traffic jams.


Published by Valeria Kuligk.

Image by McKinsey.

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