The Funnel-Fish

In 2012 I wrote an article together with Stefanie Kuhnhen (Partner & Head Of Planning Grabarz & Partner) about the consumer’s journey within the new marketing funnel.

While we tend to take the funnel metaphor literally from a marketer perspective– invest or target as much as you can in the early stage of the funnel (awareness) – reality from a consumer perspective seems to be a little different: Once we pay attention to a brand’s communication at a certain touchpoint our journey starts, while a marketing campaign might already end. We open up for a variety of options… check… doublecheck. We compare prices, we ask friends, we touch or try the product before we finally buy it. Afterwards we like to share positive experiences with our friends & family or with the broad public.

In our article we show this consumer journey with an illustration similar to the shape of a fish. That’s why we call it the “Funnel Fish“. In the end I wonder what would happen, if a brand communication planner took this metaphor as a blueprint for budget planning? Would he finally realize, that a modern consumer journey would require a shift in advertising budget in form of a fish-shaped model?

Less for awareness, more for involvement, consideration and drive to sales. And then at last, brand support for loyalty and recommendation. I do sense this kind of paradigm shift in the market. This insight might be one of the reasons why agencies are complaining about project fees instead of retainers, or shrinking campaign budgets.
Read the full acrticle here.

Published by Hannes Ley.

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