Walk the Talk in Colombia

This march we prepared an innovation marketing workshop with 40 innovation managers at Ruta N in Medèllin, Colombia.

Talking about innovation, we thought, it would be appropriate to do it in an innovative way. So, instead of starting a powerpoint battle we decided to host and present all workshop material on Pinterest.

We were faced with many challenges, f.e. how to organize the workshop in a somehow linear structure, when Pinterest is non-linear (Pinterest is organized in pinboards). Another thing: Not every story can be told with an image or an infographic, you need a to integrate  slideshare presentations or PDFs, which we found out wasn’t possible (PDF) or easy at all (Slideshare). Point is, we did something new and learned a hell of a lot.

Although we had some technical difficulties and it become a little bit chaotic in Medéllin sometimes, we got extremely good feedback from the participants, who were logged in “The Story of Change“. Altogether we profited tremendously from the visual access to knowlege, which Pinterest provides. Personally, I made great experiences and gathered learnings trying out something new. Here they are:


  • Aggregation is the new wisdom
  • Spend your time learning and aggregating rather than reproducing
  • It takes courage to present other peoples’ knowledge and only adding your knowledge of context.
  • There’s still so much to discover in a medium or application that you thought you already knew


Published by Hannes Ley.

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